Theetge Family Notes
Early Theetge family history is subject to much speculation.  The only emperical evidence comes from various US Censuses and limited book and land documentation. Most of what I have learned can be credited to the hard work of Roy Theetge.  Roy has provided the  following information, "Hans Heinrich Tatje, born in 1757 in Algesdorf, Hanover, Germany who possibly had made his way to America as a Prussian soldier.  Theetge family lore is that our first American ancestor was a "Hesssian" soldier."  It is assumed the German name "Hans Heinrich" took on the more American version of "John Henry".  John H. Teegee is listed the 1800 Unadilla, Otsego County, NY 1800 Census with a wife and children.  He is listed in the 1810 Census as living in Jericho, Chenango County, NY.  Andrew Theetge, son of John, was born around 1781, location to be determined -  I would say America, if John came over to America single and the war ended in 1783.  His time frame for changing sides and getting married would be limited to about 6 years.  The 1800 Census shows John with a male child between 16 and 26. We believe this male child to be Andrew.  Andrew appears in the 1820 Census in Coventry, Chenango County.  He was married to Charlotta Smith of Chenango, who died August 17, 1847 in Chemung, NY.  Andrew's occupation was listed as a farmer.  We visited Chenango County and could find no land records or cemetery markers in the county.

The following is extracted from 1891 publication of Chemung County, NY: "Our County and Its' People":
"Theetje, Andrew, was born in Chemung (probably Chenango) County, N.Y., where he died aged--.  His children were
Harriet, Ester, Eliza, Rosanna, Oliver B., William, Henry and Clinton." According to Roy, Andrew died February 22, 1831.  Harriet Theetge was born about 1809 and married Lewis Palmer, probably near Coventry, Chenango County, in 1827.  Lewis and Harriet (see Palmer Family Notes) lived in Colesville, Broome County (only a few miles from Coventry) until 1837 - then came to Illinois.  After the death of Lewis, Harriet married David Krieder in 1870.  Records show Harriet alive in 1872, but not listed in the 1880 census. It is interesting to note that Harriet's oldest sister Esther married a Reuben Palmer, who was born in CT.  We have not been able to make a family connection with him and Lewis.

Reuben Palmer was born in Connecticut between 1780 and 82.  He first appears in the 1810 census in Canaan, Litchfield, CT.  He is listed as having a wife, two sons and a daughter.  Living in the same location in the 1820 census, he is listed age 26-45, one son under 10, three females one age 10 to 16, two 26 to 45 and one over 45.  His father is believed to be
Benjamin Palmer, who died in 1812, so the female over age 45 would probably be his mother.  His brother Leman is living next door.  Leman later moves to Ohio.   Between 1820 and 1830 Reuben and his family moved to Coventry, Chenango County, New York.   The 1830 census has Reuben, his wife, same age group and one male child 15 to 20 and one female 20 to 30.

Between 1830 and 1840 his unknown wife died and he married
Esther Theetge (see family tree).  His son Lewis M. Palmer in Antwerp, Jefferson County, NY., age 20 to 30, wife age 20 to 30, a son under 5 and a daughter under 5.  The Chenango 1850 census has Reuben age 68 and Esther age 48, with a son Austin age 9.  Living next to them is Lewis M. and wife Rebecca, with children Isaiah age 12, Anna age 9, Lester (Leman) age 5 and Emergene age 2.  The 1860 census has Reuben, Esther and Austin  age 18 still living in Chenango County.

Lewis and Rebecca have moved to Ridgebury, Bradford County, PA.  Children are Isaiah, Delia, Leman, Emma,
Mary and Albert (Elbert).  By 1870 Reuben has died and Austin and Esther are still in the household.  Lewis and Rebecca are at the same location with children Mary, Elbert and George age 9.  In 1880 Austin, still in Coventry, is living alone and Esther has passed away.  Lewis and Rebecca are living alone in Ridgebury.  Their son Leman has married a Josephine Wilcox and they have a son Leroy.  Also living in the household is his brother George who married a girl named Lena age 18, from Illinois.