Smith Family Notes
James Smith was born in England in 1610. He settled in the New World in Weymouth, Massachusetts about 1639.  Land was granted to him on the "easterneck" (Weymouth Land grand 262).  His will was written on June 19, 1673 and executed June 22, 1676.
The will names his wife
Joane, James, Nathaniel, Hannah and grandson James of his deceased son Joshua. [History of Weymouth, Massachusettes, in Four Volumes, Weymouth Historical Society, 1923]

Nathaniel Smith, Sr. was born on June 8, 1639 in Weymouth, Massachusetts.  He was married to Experience, born about 1643,(last name unknown) about 1670.  Nathaniel must have been endentured, because he was made a Freeman of the Massachusetts Bay
Colony on 12, October 1681.  He moved to Tauton, MA about 1695. From this marriage was born Nathaniel, John, Hannah,  and William Presbrey.

Nathaniel Smith, Jr. was born September 2, 1675 and died May 11, 1725 In Litchfield, Ct.  He married Ann Hoskins in Litchfield, Ct.  Ann was born February 14, 1678.  They were the parents of Nathaniel, Experience, William, Joshua, Abiel, Jonathan, Ann, Elizabeth, Jacob, Phebe, Stephen and Sarah.

Abiel Smith was born after 1691 in Litchfield, Ct. and married Abigail Jelet, born after 1691, on September 24, 1729 in Litchfield, Ct.  He later married Joanna Goodwin on April 19, 1739.  Children of Abiel and Abigail where Abigail, Nathaniel, Rhoda, Abiel, Ebenezer, and Ester.  Abiel and Joanna had at least one child, Ann.

Ebenezer Smith was born Feb. 14, 1736/1737 in Litchfield, Ct. and died sometime after 1770.  He married Hannah Buel on Sept. 9, 1762 in Litchfield.  Hannah was born after 1724.  From this marriage came Ebenzer, Hannah, Jesse, Ira, Joseph, Sarah, Polly, Miles, and Norman.