Randall Family Notes
Determining the Randall line of descendency has been one of frustration, but yet challenging.  Our starting point began with Eseck Irons and his marriage to Hannah and Lydia Randall.  First we must identify the heritage of the Randalls and trace their journey to Fulton County, Illinois.  In  our research we have encountered errors, omissions, and a lack of verifiable evidence.  Our hope is not to have all the answers, but to bring together data that will enhance one's knowledge of this family and allow others to present new facts.

The Randall line begins with
Matthew Randall and his son Matthew of Bath England.  It is not our purpose to form an opinion on these two families, but to begin our study with John, son of Mathew II.  John Randall departed England and arrived in America in 1666 with his wife Elizabeth Morton.  From this union came several children, but our concentration will be upon the line of Stephen Randall born in 1668.  Stephen married Abigail Sabin on 24 December, 1697 in Rehoboth, MA.  From this union they had a son Stephen, Jr.  born in 1704.  This is where we began to notice conflicts among various informants.

Stephen Randall, Jr. was married to Mary Sawyer daughter of John and Rebecca (Stamford) Sawyer.  The will of Stephen Randall, Jr. was probated in Falmouth, ME, October 2nd, 1749, Probate office, 7, 259, County of York, Maine. Some references have his death in New York.  His son Stephen III was named administrator of the estate.  It should be noted that Mary Sawyer married Nathanial Jordan in August of 1753.  The children of Stephen, Jr. and Mary as recorded in his will were: Mary, Rebecca, Jacob, Isaac, Sarah, Anne, John and a child in the womb.  From The History of Durham by Standpole, "Stephen Randall and wife Mary were members of the First Parish Church in old Falmouth in 1727".  Standpole then apparently skips a generation and comments on a Stephen Randall, Jr. " married in Cape Elizabeth October 20, 1774 to Lydia Roberts.  He settled in the same year on Lot 126 in Royalsborough"  This Stephen Randall I will later refer to as Stephen Randall IV.

Stephen Randall III, son of Stephen and Mary was born on November 27th, 1726.  He was first married to Deborah Sawyer on November 29 1750, daughter of Nathaniel and Hannah (Parker) Sawyer.  Nathaniel is the brother of Mary Sawyer.  From this union came John, 1751, Hannah, 1752 and Stephen 1753.  Nancy died before 1759.  In York County, Maine Probate Vol. 10, #4884 concerning the estate of Christopher Dyer, Mercy (Dyer) Randall and Stephen Randall III were named administrators. Second wife of Stephen III, Mercy Dyer (1742 - 1818), daughter of Christopher and Mercy (Small) Dyer, we know of no children from this union.

Stephen IV, son of Stephen III and Deborah Randall, as noted in the The History of Durham, married Lydia Roberts.  In this history his family was noted as follows: Joseph b.  9 March,  1775, Deborah b. 12 February, 1777, Stephen b. 7 June, 1779, Nathaniel b. 12 May, 1781, Chinicum b. 12 October, 1784, and Hannah b. 22 December, 1789.  In Maine Families in 1790, Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication #5, Page 260 it says, "Joseph Randall (VR), b. Royalsboro, now Durham 9 Mar 1775 son of Thomas & Lydia Randall (VR).  They res. Deer Isle and Bucksport".  We believe the error here is with Thomas Randall.  The mother of Joseph was Hannah Small, daughter of  Thomas Small and Sarah Roberts.  Note that Sarah (Roberts) Small and Lydia (Roberts) Randall are sisters, daughters of Ebenezer and Mary (Kennicum) Roberts.  We have found no other record of Stephen IV and Deborah Randall.  A Stephen Randall does appear in the Maine 1810 & 20 Census.  The 1810 Census has two adults 45&up (which would be too old for their son Stephen).  In the 1820 Census Stephen Randall has listed two adults only 45&up.

The Randall migration to the state of New York, again has some controversy.  We now direct our attention to
John Randall, born July 16, 1747, son of Stephen, Jr. and Mary Randall.  Some informants have this John being the son of Stephen III and Deborah,  but the two were not married until 1750.  John Randall was the brother of Stephen II and he married Anna Roberts, daughter of Ebenezer and Mary Roberts, sister of Sarah and Lydia Roberts.  John and Ann had the following children: Jacob b. 1770, Anna 1772, Molly (Mary) 1775, Sarah 1777, Benjamin 1781, Margaret 1782, John 1785, Isaac 1787, Hannah, 1789, Ebenezer, and Samuel 1794.
It is recorded that John and Anna are buried on their farm near Royalsborough, ME.   John and Anna are probably buried in Clarkson, Genesee County, New York.  In his application for a  Revolutionary War Pension, he is living with his son Samuel in Clarkson and Anna is listed as age 71 in 1820.  The 1820 Census lists Samuel Randall as living in Clarkson.  Now we are ready to tie these past generations into the Joseph Randall family.