Leinbach Family Notes
A brief sketch of the Leinbach family must, by necessity, begin with Johannes Leinbach who was born in Germany.  While the family line can be traced back prior to Johannes, this is the family that first came to America.  Johannes Leinbach was born on March 9, 1674 in Langenselbold, Germany.  His baptism took place in that same year.  Heinrich Leinbach and Barbara Lerch raised him in the Reformed Church.  Johannes married Anna Elizabeth Kleiss, daughter of Adam Kleiss and Elizabeth Schilling, in 1700.  Taking passage on the ship "Brother", they arrived in America on September 23, 1723.   Included in the passenger list were their children: Johann Frederich (July 15, 1703), Johan Heinrich (Nov. 26, 1705), Johannes (Feb. 18, 1712), Maria Barbara (Sept. 11, 1722), Johanna Maria (Jan. 16, 1717/18).  Also born were Johanna Elizabeth (Oct. 18, 1708 - died Nov. 28, 1712), Daughter (Dec. 10, 1714 - died Aug. 3, 1716), and John (Jan. 16, 1713/14).

Johannes Leinbach family settled on a farm near Oley (Friedensburg), PA.  They became affiliated with the Moravian Church in 1742.  Johannes died November 20, 1747 and Anna Elizabeth on April 25, 1765.

Johan Heinrich Leinbach was born in Hochstadt, Germany on November 26, 1705.  In 1739, he married Johanna Hermann, born March 16, 1718 to Daniel Hermann and Maria Catharine Elizabeth Obermuller. Johan was a farmer by trade.  They had ten children: Anna (1740), Elizabeth (1742), Anna Catharine (1744), Daniel (1746), Maria (1748), Heinrich (1752), Salome (1755), Christian (1757) and Johannes (1759).  Heinrich died in Pennsylvania between 1772 and 1777.  It has been stated that Johanna later married George Lechler.

Heinrich L. Leinbach was born March 11, 1752 and married Catherine Keller, born April 4, 1754.  Natives of Berks County Pennsylvania, they moved to Northumberland County, PA in 1800 and settled on a farm in Lewis Twp.  Henry was a veteran of the Revolutionary War.  Henry died     Dec. 17, 1832 and is buried in Paradise Cemetery  near Milton.  The death date for Catherine is not currently known.  They were the proud parents of 11 children: Christiana, Sarah, Catherine, Magdalena, Barbara, Judaz, Elizabeth, Susanna, John, Henry L., and Judith M.

Henry L. Leinbach, Jr. was born October 5, 1784 and died Feb. 7, 1829.  He married Mary Barnhart, born March 15, 1789 and died Sept. 30, 1846.  Henry was both a blacksmith and farmer.  Both are buried in Paradise Cemetery.  Their nine children are listed on the family tree.

Rebecca Leinbach was born near Turot, Northumberland Co., PA on June 19, 1829.  She married Charles Sweney (See Sweney Family Notes) on April 30, 1849.  The Sweney family moved to Fulton County, Illinois around 1840 and Charles returned to PA to marry Rebecca.  They returned to Illinois and from this union came three children: Mary Arabella, Charles Clarence and Elizabeth Gertrude.  Subsequently, due to Charles' moral failings, they divorced in 1862.  Rebecca later married William Warriner on Nov. 11, 1864.  She died on October 4, 1865 and was buried in the old Prairie City Cemetery, Prairie City, Illinois.

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