Irons Family Notes
1804-1821 Palmyra, Ontario (Wayne) C0., NY.  Jeremiah Irons preached - Palmyra Baptist Church:  Members include Abigail Irons, Nancy Irons, Avis Scofield, Gardner Scofield, Daniel Irons, Martha Irons, Bethiah Irons, Arah Irons, Cynthia Irons, Laura Irons, Martha A. Scofield (probably above named Martha Irons who married Gardner Scofield). 
City of Palmyra - Town Clerk Minutes Stephen Phelps.  Marks applied for in 1805.  Jeremiah Irons' mark:  A crop off the left ear and a slit in the end of the right ear.

1810 Census Farmington, Ontario Co., NY
Samuel Irons
1 Male of 45 & up
1 Female of 45 & up

1810 Census Sodus, Ontario Co., NY
Daniel Irons
4 Males under 10
1 Male of 25 & under 45
1 Female under 10
1 Female of 10 & under 16
1 Female of 26 & under 45

1810 Census has Jeremiah Irons living in Palmyra.

Military Commissions:
"Military Minutes of the Council of Appointment of the State of New York Vol. II Military Records 1783-1821" by Hugh Hastings 1901
1814: [page 1486] Ontario Co. 39th Reg. of Inf (G. Howell Lt. Col.) Jeremiah Irons, Chaplain.  1815: [page 1583]  same unit.

Palmyra Newspaper June 8, 1818
"Take Notice.  The subscriber offers For Sale the farm, which he now resides, in Palmyra, three miles north of the Baptist Meeting House, on the road, leading to the Lake.  Said farm contains about one hundred acres of land, nearly fifty under improvement-a House and Barn, and an orchard, and several wells of water.  If the purchaser wishes to come into possession immediately, the crops will be sold with the land, together with Horses, your Stock, Sheep, Swine, farming tools and a number of articles of household furniture."
1818 Land Deed: Jeremiah Irons & Abigail to Benjamin Billings.

1820 Census Gates, Genesee Co., NY
Daniel Irons
2 Males to 10
2 Males 10 to 16
1 Male 16 to 26
1 Male 45 & up
1 Female to 10
1 Female 10 to 16
1 Female 26 to 45
Person engaged in Agriculture 5 ( note some have suggested Daniel was only a shoemaker)

1820 Census has William Irons living in Gates, Genesee Co., NY next to Daniel and Jeremiah in Palmyra, Ontario, Co., NY.

History of Orleans Co., by Arad Thomas, page 385.  Daniel Irons' mark for cattle, sheep & swine is half crop of the upper side of the left ear & underside of right ear, May 14th 1823.

June 6, 1822 Jeremiah Irons founded the First Baptist Church of Yates.
Rev. Jeremiah Irons died March 13, 1829.  Inscription on Jeremiah's tombstone
"Rev. J. Irons
Born in Nova Scotia, Canada
Ordained in Mass. & Died in Yates
March 13, 1829 AE 64 years & 5 mos.
"Erected by Christian Hands 1854"
Birth date calculated from death date, October 13, 1764.

1830 Census Parma, Monroe Co., NY
Daniel Irons
1 Male 10-15
1 Male 15-20
1 Male 50-60
1 Female 10-15
1 Female 15-20
1 Female 50 -60

1830 Census Parma, Monroe Co., NY
Eseck Irons
2 Males under 5
1 Male 20-30
1 Female 20-30