Creamer Family Notes
Like many families, the Creamer family history has unanswered questions.  According to a personal history of William H. Creamer,  published in  "20th Century History of Steubenville and Jefferson County, Ohio and Representative Citizens" (Joseph B. Doyle), Jacob Creamer (1767-1855) was born in Germany.  A quick look at the 1850 Jefferson County Census indicates Jacob was born in Virginia.  This discrepancy is the first of several conundrums facing me as I research my Creamer family ancestors.

In October of 1838, all the lands in the township of Warren in Jefferson County were possessed by deed - true and proper.  The township was comprised of appoximately 20 full 640-acre sections and 6 partial sections, equivalent to about 23 square miles in surface area.  It is known that in October of 1838, landowners and their families, comprised about ninteen hundred citizens ("Tilton Territory -  Robert H. Richardson").

Jacob Creamer, Sr. owned land in Jefferson County, Warren Township.  He is accounted for in the 1820 Jefferson County/Warren Twp. Census.  Jacob is the owner of 125 1/2 acres in Sections 7 and 204 1/4 acres in Section 13.  These two sections of land adjoined one another.  Jacob was married to Elizabeth (?) -(some believe her last name to be Brown) and to this union were born ten children: William, Henry, Philip, Jacob, John, Mary, Mahala, Elizabeth, Susan and Catherine.

Jacob's wife, Elizabeth, passed away in 1851.  Jacob died in 1855 and both are buried in Hopewell Cemetery.  This historic cemetery/church is located on County Road No. 16 in Warren Township.

Jacob, Jr. (1816-1889) helped his father clear up the land, which was heavily timbered.   During his younger years he also followed boating on the river for a time, but later inheriting a part of the family estate, returned there and died in the same log house in which he had been born.  He married Jane Barrett on January 4, 1866.  Jane was born in Warrenton - 1840, the daughter of William and Lettie (Webster) Barrett.  Jane died at the age of 42 on August 26, 1882.  Her union with Jacob resulted in nine children: Susan, George, William, Mary, Letitia, Martha, Lydia, Jacob and James.

According to Jacob, Jr.'s will, probated in December 1889, he owned three tracts of land.  Tracts 1 & 2: Sections 7 & 13 - 204 1/2 acres and Tract 3: Section 7 & 13 - 146 acres.   The homestead was located on the 146-acre tract of land.  His personal property was estimated at $2,000 and the land at $10, 500.  Some of the land owned by Jacob was called "Pleasant View."  Jacob passed away on August 11, 1889 and is buried with his wife, Jane, in Hopewell Cemetery.

According to court documents, Jacob's
will was contested by his children.  In December of 1882, Jacob married Susan Degarmore (Hecker).  The children contended that Susan Degarmore never divorced her first husband, Thomas Hecker.  This in fact, turned out to be true and the judge ruled in favor of the children and nothing from Jacob's estate was given to Susan Degarmore-Hecker.

A missing puzzle piece in the Jacob, Jr. family seems to be the father of
Elmer McGee (1863).  A page from a Creamer family Bible shows the birth of this individual listed with Jacob and Jane's other children.   In the 1870 Jefferson County Census, seven-year-old Elmer McGee is listed in Jacob and Jane's household along with their children and a domestic servant.  In the 1880 Jefferson County Census, Elmer is now 17 and listed as a son to Jacob and Jane.  Elmer was not listed as an heir in Jacob's will or mentioned in any of the court documents. 

A couple scenarios could be formed from the information we have: (1) Jane was previously married and brought a child into her marriage with Jacob; (2)Elmer could be an illegitimate child of a Creamer family member. 

The search continues!
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