Those Who Served
John Alden - Signer of the Mayflower Compact.

Rev. Noah Alden -
Revolutionary War - A member of the Massachusetts convention to form the state constitution and was a leader of the Friends of Religious Liberty in that body.   He was also one who was present to ratify the new Constitution of the United States. Private, Capt. Daniels's Co., Col. Ephraim Whellock's Regt.; discharged Dec. 6, 1776; also, Capt. Amos Ellis' Co., Col. Benjamin Hawse's Regt.; enlisted Sept. 25, 1777; discharged Oct. 31, 1777; service - 1 month 7 days, on an alarm at Rhode Island; stationed at Little Compton, RI; also Capt. Ellis' Co., Maj. Seth Bullard's (4th Suffolk Co.) Regt., enlisted Aug. 2, 1780; discharged Aug. 7, 1780; service - 8 days, on an alarm at Rhode Island; marched to Tiverton, RI.

Israel Alden -
Revolutionary War -Enlisted in 1777, as a private in Noah Sankton's Company, Col. John Ashley's Berkshire County Regiment.

John Harvey Alden - Civil War - Enlisted 23rd Nov., 1863 - L, G & D Co. 12th Cav Reg. IL. He achieved the rank of Sergeant. He was discharged at Springfield, IL on June 20, 1866.  Regimental Action: Mobile, Memphis, Red River, Liberty, and joined General Custer's Cavalry Division at Alexandria, LA. 

Gilead S. Alden -
Civil War - Enlisted G Co. 89th Inf Reg. NY, 3 Oct. 1862, Windsor, NY, discharged  - disability at Alexandria, VA on 4 Nov. 1862.  Died as a result of his disability 27 April, 1864. Regimental Action: Camden Court House, Falmouth, South Mountain, and Antietem.

Charles Smith Alden - Civil War - Enlisted Oct. 28, 1863, H Co., 32nd Inf., discharged 4 Oct. , 1864.  Was with General Sherman on his "March to the Sea".

Bronald E. (Bud) Alden - Korean War - Served with 5th RTC and participated in the "Battle of the Punch Bowl".

Simeon S. Andrews - Civil War - Enlisted 3 Oct., 1864, D Co, 12th Inf Reg. IL, mustered out on 10 July, 1865.
Isaac & Elizabeth Babbitt - Revolutionary War - Nearly sixty years of age Isaac and his wife Elizabeth sent large quantities of baked bread to American troops quartered in Morristown, MA..

Daniel Babbitt - Revolutionary War - Served.

Elijah Babbitt - Revolutionary War - Sergeant, Lieutenant Nathaniel Morton's Company, Colonel Edward Pope's Regiment, December 8, 1776, served twenty days.
Private, Captain Benjamin Wilcox's Company, Colonel Nathaniel Freeman's Regiment; enlisted September 29, 1777;  thirty days.

Elkanah Babbitt - Revolutionary War - Served as Private from Morris County.

Elkanah Babbitt - Revolutionary War - Private, Capt. James Nichol's Company, Colonel Edward Pope's Regiment, Dec. 16, 1776; eight days.  Private, Captain Abel Babbitt's Company, Colonel John Hathaway's Regiment; Aug. 1, 1780; service six days.

Jacob Babbitt - French and Indian War - In Taunton  Train Band, under Capt. Samuel White.

Samuel Babbitt - French and Indian War - In Captain Samuel Thatcher's Company at Fort Edward, July 26, 1756.  Also in Ebenezer Dean's Company and Captain David Holmes' Company, 4th Connecticut Regiment in 1759.

Job Babbitt - War of 1812 - In Capt. James Crothers' Company of Ohio Militia, Col. James Stewar's Reg't.  July 27 to August 16, 1813.